The Revolutionary War and Constitution – Quiz 3

Feel confident about your Revolutionary War knowledge? Test your skills with this Revolutionary War APUSH quiz.

The Revolution and Post-Revolution

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    Hi! I’m going to be a freshman next year and my teacher recommended me for APUSH for 9th grade. I was wondering if I would be able to handle it. I’m not good under pressure and sometimes don’t understand things quickly, but my test average for the first quarter of the year was a 98% and I ended the quarter with an A+. My second quarter test average is a 96.66% and I have an A+ right now. My teacher went over the requirements for each class today and for AP your average has to be a 95% and above, which mine is, my overall test average is currently a 97%. I feel like the work would be way too much for me, but I want something to stand out on applications for college and I know it would look good. But I feel like taking the class would ruin my GPA if I failed it, and doing good in an honors course would be better than failing the AP course. Do you have any tips or things I should know about before deciding if I should take the course or not, also if I would be able to handle it as a 9th grader?

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      Hey Ellie,

      I saw your questions about AP US History.

      If your future AP US History teacher is a good teacher, they are going to
      focus most of their course on critical thinking and not so much on test
      scores. This means that you’ll need to get comfortable analyzing primary
      sources and writing essays built around a solid argument. You may be a
      great test taker, but AP US history will require critical thinking above
      all else.

      Most students don’t consider AP US History until their junior year, so
      unless you like US History in general or are ready to dig in for a
      difficult year, it might be smart to wait until you’re a sophomore.

      Its your call. Either way, I wish you the best.

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      Hi I would say it really depends on your ability to read and appy information. I am takeing the class right now as a 10th grader.I was also an A plus student in middle school and even finished all my math credits in 9th grade. What really shocked me my 9th grade year was the drastic difference between honor classes and AP. From my previous understanding AP would be just like honors but a little harder, to my surprise it was a lot harder. I believe if you are not able to analyze text and write essays often with balancing other classes this may not be for you
      But i must say it really depends on you and your teacher. Luckly i got a great AP teacher …….. i think. If you are able to keep up with the work and understand cause and effect i believe you can do it

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    Talore Rowl

    I love this quiz because it helped me with things that I was confused about before. I have my APUSH final in the morning and I needed some extra help. This was exactly what I needed. Please post more!!!!

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